Q.1) A) Select the correct option & Rewrite the sentence:-                                   (05)


1)         ________ refers to capital made up of Equity and preference shares

           a) Share capital              b) Debt capital               c) Reserve fund


2)         ________ is related to money and money management.

a) Production                 b) Marketing                     c) Finance


            3)         Each company must issue ________.                                                                                

            (a)  Bonus Shares   (b)       Debenture                 (c)  equity Shares


4)         The sum of all ________ is gross working capital.

            a) expenses   b) current assets        c) current liabilities



5)         The ________ have the power to allot shares.

           a) Director               b)  Board of Directors    c) Company Secretary


Q.1) B) Give one word / term or phrase for the following statements:-              (05)

1)         The excess of current assets over current liabilities.

2)         Name the shareholders who are ‘residual claimants’ against the assets and income.

3)         Appropriation of shares to an applicant.

4)         It is acknowledgement of loan issued by company to depositor.

5)         The holders of these shares are entitled to participate in the surplus profit.


Q.1) C) State whether the following statements are True or False:-                    (06)

1)         Financial institutions and banks cater to the working capital requirement of business.

2)         Equity shareholders enjoy fixed rate of dividend.         

3)         Debenture holders have right to vote at general meeting of the company.

4)         Only fully paid up shares can be forfeited.

5)         A firm with large scale operations, will require more working capital.

6)         Equity share capital is known as venture capital.



Q.2)    Distinguish between (Any Two)                                                                        (08)

1)         Fixed Capital and Working Capital

2)         Equity Shares and Preference Shares

3)         Shares and Debentures

4)         Transfer of shares and Transmission of shares



Q.3)    Answer in brief (Any Two)                                                                                  (10)

1)         Explain the importance of corporate finance.

2)         Explain different types of Debentures.

3)         Explain the features of Shares.

4)         What do you mean by share certificate? Explain its contents.


Q.4)    Justify the following statements  (Any 2)                                                       (08)

1)         There are various factors affecting working capital.

2)         Equity shareholders are the real owners and controllers of the company.

3)         Company has to fulfill certain provisions while making Right Issue.

4)         The firm has multiple choices of sources of financing.


Q.5)    Answer the following  (Any One)                                                                       (08)

1)         What do you mean by Equity shares? Explain its features.

2)         What do you mean by Preference shares? Explain its types.