XI S.P 1st Unit Test Nov. 2020 Marks 50      Time: 2 Hrs











Q.1) A) Select the correct option & Rewrite the sentence:-                                   (05)


1.         In the old Roman Empire, the officer performing secretarial duties was called as   _________.

            (a) Amatya                             (b) Scribae                (c) Secretarius



2.         Only _________ can be appointed as secretary.

            (a) An individual                   (b) a firm                    (c) a company


3.         __________ means correctness in doing a work.  

a)    Accuracy                         b) Loyalty                   (c) Courteous


4.         The liability of shareholders is  _________

            (a) limited                              (b) unlimited             (c) joint and several


PADMA.jpg5.         The minimum number of members required for a co-operative society is __________.

a) 10                                       (b) 20                          (c) 30


Q.1) B) Give one word / term or phrase for the following statements:-              (05)

1)         A Secretary appointed by an individual

2)         The quality that a Secretary should possess to be faithful to his organization.

3)         The company Secretary must be a member of this organization.

4)         An artificial person created by law.

5)         A person who purchases shares of Joint Stock Company


Q.1) C) State whether the following statements are True or False:-                    (06)

1)         A person who purchases shares of Joint Stock Company is called debenture holder

2)         The Secretary of a Government department is the oldest type of Secretary.

3)         A Joint Stock Company is a natural person.

4)         A Joint Stock Company does not enjoy independent legal status.

5)         There is no separation of ownership and management in Joint Stock Company.

6)         A Secretary is a paid employee.


Q.2)    Distinguish between (Any Two)                                                                        (08)

1)         Private company and Public Company

2)         Personal secretary and Secretary of Non Profit association

3)         Partnership firm and Joint Stock company

4)         Secretary of Joint Stock company and secretary of Government department


Q.3)    Answer in brief (Any Two)                                                                                  (10)

PADMA.jpg1)         Explain qualities of ideal secretary.

2)         Explain different types of companies.

3)         Explain in brief the various types of Secretaries.

4)         Explain different functions of secretary.


Q.4)    Justify the following statements  (Any 2)                                                       (08)

1)         A secretary is considered as a paid employee. 

2)         A secretary is a link between the staff and members.

3)         Joint stock company is an artificial person.

4)         The liability of shareholders of company is limited.


Q.5)    Answer the following  (Any One)                                                                       (08)

1)         Define Secretary. Explain its features.

2)         Define Joint Stock Company. Explain its features.