Q.1) A) Complete the following sentences:-                                                                          (05)

1.         Initial planning of capital requirement is made by ______.

2.         The bond holders are _______ of the company.

3.         Transfer of shares due to death, insolvency or insanity of member is called ______

4.         Company cannot accept or renew deposits repayable on _____.

5.         Payment of dividend must be made within  ______ days of its declaration.


Q.1) B) Give one word / term or phrase for the following statements:-                          (05)

1)         The decision of finance manager which ensures that firm is well capitalised.

2)         Authority which has power to issue debentures

3)         Instrument for payment of interest on deposit.

4)         Name the shareholders who are real master of company.

5)         Subsequent issue of shares after an IPO.


Q.1) C) State whether the following statements are True or False:-                                (06)

1)         Financial institutions and banks cater to the working capital requirement of business.

2)         Equity shareholders are described as shock absorber when company has financial crisis.

3)         A private company can collect deposits from public.

4)         All secured debentures should be redeemed within 20 years from date of its issue.

5)         A complaint letter should not be replied promptly.

6)         Bonus Shares are issued at a discounted price to the Equity shareholders.


Q.2)    Distinguish between (Any Two)                                                                                    (08)

1)         Right Shares and Bonus Shares

2)         Owned Capital and Borrowed Capital

3)         Equity Shares and Preference Shares

4)         Fixed Capital and Working Capital


Q.3)    Answer in brief (Any Two)                                                                                              (10)

1)         Explain the factors affecting requirement of fixed capital.

2)         Draft a letter of allotment to debenture holder.

3)         Write a letter to the member for the issue of Share Certificate.

4)         Explain the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 for issue of debentures.


Q.4)    Justify the following statements  (Any 2)                                                                   (08)

1)         The Company Secretary should take certain precautions while corresponding with members.

2)         There are various factors affecting working capital.

3)         To Issue Bonus Shares, a company has to fulfill certain provisions.

4)         There is a limit or restriction on the amount that a company can collect as Deposits.


Q.5)    Answer the following  (Any One)                                                                                   (08)

1)         What do you mean by Debentures? Explain its types.

2)         What do you mean by Preference shares? Explain its features.