T.Y.B.Com Business Economics

Question Bank


Q1.      Explain the comparative cost theory propounded by David Ricardo.

Q2.      Explain the modern theory of international trade.     

Q3.      Explain single factoral and double factoral terms of trade with limitations. 

Q4.      Explain Net Barter Terms of Trade and Income Terms of Trade.    


Q5.      Explain the factors affecting terms of trade.

Q6.      Explain the gains from international trade with the help       

            of offer curve.                                                                                                                        

Q7       Explain the concept and structure of balance of payments.

Q8       Explain the concept of disequilibrium in balance of payment? What are the causes of disequilibrium in the balance of payment?  

Q9       What are the measures to be undertaken to correct balance of payment disequilibrium?              

Q10.    Discuss the arguments in favour of and against free trade policy.

Q11.    Discuss the arguments in favour of and against Protectionism trade policy.

Q12.    What do you mean by tariff barriers to trade? Discuss the types of tariffs.

Q13.    Explain the economic effects of import tariffs.

Q14     Explain different Non- Tariff Barriers.

Q15.    Explain different types of quotas and what are the economic effects of quotas?

Q16.    What do you mean by international economic integration? Explain its objectives.

Q17.    Explain types of international economic integrations.

Q18.    Write a short note on ASEAN.

Q19.    Explain in detail WTO agreement with respect to TRIPs, TRIMs and GATs.          

Q20.    What is foreign exchange market? Who are its participants ?

Q21.    Write a short note on Dealers in Foreign Exchange Market.

Q22.    Explain the case for and against flexible exchange rate system

Q23.    Write short note on: Spot and Forward exchange rate.        

Q24.    Write Short notes on: Arbitrageurs / Arbitrage.  

Q25.    What is foreign exchange rate? How it is determined? 

Q26.    Explain the Purchasing Power Parity theory of exchange rate and bring out its limitations

Q27.    Explain the role of Central Bank in foreign exchange market.