Purchasing and Store Keeping


Q1     What do you mean by Store Keeping? Explain the objectives of Storekeeping.

Q2     Explain the functions of Store Keeper.         

Q3     Explain the duties of Store-Keeper.

Q4     What are the responsibilities of Store-Keeper / Store Controller /  Stock Controller?                  

Q5     Explain the different types of Stores. 

Q6     Write a note on Preservation of Material . How will you preserve the following materials in stores: i) Timber ii) Food grains    iii) Chemicals

Q7     What is Material Handling? Explain the objectives of Material Handling.

Q8     Explain the advantages of material handling.

Q9     What do you mean by Store Location? Explain the factors influencing store location.

Q10  What do you mean by Store Layout? Explain its objectives

Q11  Explain principles of Store Layout.


Q12 What is Store Accounting? What are the advantages and objectives of proper stores accounting system?

Q13  What are the different methods of Stock records?

Q14 Explain the various documents used in recording the store items.

Q15  What do you mean by Bin Card? Explain its advantages.

Q16  What is Lead  Time ? Explain its classification.

Q17  What do you mean by Inventory Control ? What are its objectives/importance.

Q18  Write a detailed note on ABC analysis.         

Q19  Define Value Analysis. What are the services expected from a value Analyst?

Q20  What are the steps involved in Value Analysis Project.

Q21  Explain the various selective techniques of inventory control.

Q22  Write a detailed note on Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) .

Q23  Write a detailed note on Various Stock Limits.

Q24  Discuss the importance of logistic .

Q25  What are the challenges faced by logistic sector in India?

Q26  What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? Explain its components.   

Q27  Explain benefits of Supply Chain Management.   

Q28  Explain the process of Supply Chain Management.   

Q29  Explain the Role of Information technology in logistic and Supply Chain Management

Q30  Explain the benefits / advantages and Disadvantages of Logistics Outsourcing.