Marketing Research


Q.1      Explain the scope / Areas of Product Research.

Q.2      Explain the Steps in new product development.

Q.3      What are objectives / merits and Limitations of test marketing ?

Q.4      Explain the methods of conducting product research.


Q.5      What do you mean by Brand research? Explain its need and importance

Q.6      Explain the different components of brand. 

Q.7      What do you mean Packaging Research? Explain need and importance of Packaging research.

Q.8      Explain the different factors influencing pricing. 

Q.9      Write short note on Methods of Conducting Pricing Research.

Q.10    Explain different types of Distribution Channels.

Q.11    Explain the need and importance of Supply Chain Research.

Q.12    Explain the benefits of Supply chain Management.

Q.13    Explain the Components of Supply Chain Management.

Q.14    What do you mean by Promotion Research? Explain its need and importance.

Q.15    Explain the Elements / Components of Promotional Mix.

Q.16    What is Advertising Research ? Explain the Scope/Areas of advertising research.

Q17.    What are various pre-testing methods of testing advertising effectiveness ?                      

Q.18    What is consumer research ? Explain its uses

Q19     Explain the need of motivation research.

Q.20    What are the methods of conducting motivation research.

Q.21    What is Sales Research ? Explain the areas of Sales Research.

Q.22    Explain the features / Profile of Indian Rural Markets.


Q.23    What are the Problems of Indian  Rural Markets ?

Q.24    Explain the importance of marketing research in Rural marketing.

Q.25    Write short note on Tools for organization of data and Tools for data analysis and interpretation.

Q.26    Write short note on: Do’s and Don’ts in Rural Marketing


Q.27    What do you mean by Global Marketing Research? Explain the factors affecting Global Marketing.

Q.28    Explain the need and importance of Global Marketing Research.

Q.29    Explain the Scope of Global Marketing Research.

Q.30    What factors are considered in organizing marketing research department ?

Q.31    Critically examine the placement of Marketing research department as a part of sales organization.

Q32.    State the merits and demerits of Separate / own / In house marketing research department.          

Q.33    Explain the advantages and limitations of Professional Marketing Research agencies

Q34     Explain the Organization of marketing research department.

Q.35    Write short note on: Professional Standards/ Ethics. 

Q.36    Write short note on: Marketing Research Agencies in India.