Industrial Psychology


Q1        What are the different kinds  / Types of teams?    


Q2        In what way does context contributes to the effectiveness of a


Q3        Briefly describe any four components of team composition that

            determine team effectiveness.  

Q4        Team Process is important for team effectiveness. Discuss.   

Q5        Explain the different stages in the conflict process.

Q6        What are the three sources of Conflicts?           

Q7        What are the different five conflict handling intentions?

Q8        Discuss the various conflict management techniques.     

Q9        What are the functional and Dysfunctional outcomes of conflicts?

Q10      Write a short note on Distributive bargaining and Integrative bargaining.  

Q11      What are the different steps in negotiation process?

Q12      Define emotions and moods. Explain how emotions and moods differ from each other.                            

Q13:     What are the different sources of emotions and moods?

Q14      Discuss the impact of emotions and moods on creativity, motivation and leadership.

Q15:     Define emotional intelligence. Explain in brief the arguments for and against emotional intelligence.          

Q16:     Explain the different forces for change in the organization.

Q17      Define Stress. Explain in detail different causes of stress.

Q18.     Discuss its effects / consequences of stress on employees and on the organization.

Q19.     Explain the various Measures of Managing Stress.

Q20.     How do individual and Cultural factors influence the experiencing of stress?