Export Marketing

Q1.   Explain the various Export Product Planning Decisions.

Q2.   Explain the need and importance of Packaging.

Q3.   Explain Labelling. What are the advantages of labeling?

Q4.   Explain the factors determining Export Pricing.


Q5.   Explain the different objectives of Export Pricing.         

Q6.   Write short note on “Export Pricing Quotations”.

Q7.   Explain factors influencing distribution channels.

Q8.   What do you mean by Direct exporting? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.

Q9.   What do you mean by In-Direct exporting? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.

Q10. Distinguish between: Direct and Indirect Exporting

Q11. Explain different components of Logistics

Q12.  Explain the need for insurance in Export Business.

Q13. Explain the importance of Trade fairs and Exhibitions.

Q14.  Explain the benefits of Personal Selling.

Q15. What is Export Finance ? Explain the features of Pre shipment finance / Packing Credit.  

Q16. What is Post - Shipment Finance? Explain its features.

Q17.  Explain the role of commercial banks in export financing ?

Q18. Explain the role / functions of EXIM bank in export financing.

Q19. Explain the role of Small Industries Development Bank of India 


Q20. Explain the various methods of Payment in the International Marketing.

Q12. Explain different types of Letter of Credit.

Q22. Explain different benefits of Counter trade.

Q23. Explain in brief the Pre Shipment Procedure.

Q24. Explain in brief registration procedure for exporters.

Q25. Discuss the role of Custom House Agent.

Q26. Discuss the shipping and Customs formalities involved in exports.

Q27. Discuss the procedure involved in realisation of Exports Proceeds.       

Q28. What do you mean by Bill of Lading / Airway Bill ? Explain its importance.

Q29. What do you mean by Certificate of Origin ? Explain its importance.

Q30. Explain the procedure of Quality Control and Pre-Shipment  inspection.