T.Y.B.Com Question Bank (SEM VI)


Financial Accounting


Q.1     What is Amalgamation? Explain different ways of amalgamation.

Q.2     What is Purchase Consideration? Explain the different methods of calculation of purchase consideration.

Q3:     Write Short note on Amalgamation Adjustment Account.


Q4.     Explain how accounting of foreign currency transaction differs from transaction in home currency.     

Q5.     Write a note on Spot Rate vs. Average Rate.

Q6.     Write short note of Foreign Exchange fluctuation Account.   

Q7.     State restrictions and conditions placed under Companies Act on payment of underwriting commission?

Q8.     Write a short note on Types of Underwriting.

Q9.     Write a short note on Overriding commission.

Q10.   What do you mean by LLP? Explain its features.

Q.11. Explain the procedure for incorporation of a Limited Liability Partnership .

Q.12. Write a short note on Contribution. 

Q.13   Write a short note on Designated partner. 

Q14    Write a short note on Overriding Preferential Payments

Q15    Explain the preferential creditors as given under the Companies Act 2013.

Q16.   What are the various lists that are to be attached to the Statement of Affairs?