Question Bank (SEM VI)


Cost Accounting



Q1.     Explain the meaning of Joint product and by product and Distinguish between them.           

Q2.     Write a short note on Abnormal Loss.          

Q3.     State the application/advantages of Marginal Costing


Q4.     Explain the importance of Break Even point analysis

Q5.     Write a short note on P/V Ratio.        

Q6.     Write a short note on Margin of Safety.       

Q7.     Explain the advantages  of Standard Costing.         

Q8.     Write a note on Material Variances. 

Q9.     What do you mean by Work Certificated and Work uncertified.         

Q10.   What do you mean by Retention Money?  

Q11.   Write Short note on Non Integrated Cost Accounting System.

Q12.   Explain different types of Control Accounts?

Q13.   What do you mean by Target Costing? What are the steps / stages in implementation of target costing ?                        

Q14.   What are the elements of Target Costing?  

Q15.   What are the Characteristics of Product Life Cycle?         

Q16.   What are the benefits of Product Life Cycle Costing?

Q17.   What is meant by Benchmarking? What are the Stages involved in it?

Q18.   Explain the advantages of Activity based Costing.