XII OCM 1st SEM Oct. 2020 Marks 50 Time: 2 Hrs













Q.1) A) Select the correct option & Rewrite the sentence:-                                   (05)


1)         F.W. Taylor is called as the father of  _____ management.

            a) modern                              b) scientific                c) technical 


2)         The process of contracting a business function to someone else is called as _____

            a. outsourcing                    b. trading         c. e-business


3)   .... _____ is the function which supports to activate the plans with the help of

         . employees.

           a) Staffing                 b) Directing          c) Co-ordinating


PADMA.jpg4)        The word ‘entrepreneur’ is derived from the _____ word ‘enterprendre’

a) Japanese              b) English                  c) French


5)         The principle of indemnity is not applicable to _____.              

            a)  life insurance                  b) Marine insurance            c) all types of insurance 


Q.1) B) Give one word / term or phrase for the following statements:-              (05)

1.         The stage where the goods bought are delivered to the customer.

2.        The study of movement of an employee as well as machine while completing particular task.

3.         A function of creating something new for an economic activity.

4.         The document which contains the terms and conditions of insurance contract.

5.         A process where standards are set, actual performance is measured and corrective action is taken.


Q.1) C) State whether the following statements are True or False:-                    (06)

1.         The term e-business is derived from the term e-mail and e-commerce.

2.         The principles of management are universal in nature.

3.         Cooperation is not necessary for smooth flow of organizational activities.

4.         Startup India is an initiative of the Government of France.

5.         NEFT stands for National Electric Fund Transfer.

6.         Bonded warehouses are located within the dock area.


Q.2)    Distinguish between (Any Two)                                                                        (08)

1.         E-business and Traditional business

2.         Planning and Staffing

3.         Commercial Bank and central Bank

4.         Life insurance and Fire insurance


Q.3)    Answer in brief (Any Two)                                                                                  (10)

PADMA.jpg1.           Explain any five principles of Henry Fayol.

2.           Explain importance of planning.            

3.           Explain functions of entrepreneur.        

4.           Explain different types of banks.


Q.4)    Justify the following statements  (Any 2)                                                       (08)

1.         Principles of management are flexible in nature.

2.         Planning is the first function of management.

3.         Cash can be drawn from ATM at any time.            

4.         It is easy to set up e-business as compared to Traditional business.


Q.5)    Answer the following  (Any One)                                                                       (08)

1.         Define insurance. Explain various principles of insurance.

2.         Define Directing. Explain its importance.