XI OCM 1st Unit Test Oct. 2020 Marks 40      Time: 2 Hrs












Q.1) A) Select the correct option & Rewrite the sentence:-                                   (05)


1.         Commerce is a branch of __________.

a) business               b) industry                             c) trade


2.         National level code of conduct is prepared for __________.

a) professionals       b) businessmen                   c) employees


3.         _______ is the link between producer and retailer.

a) Consumer                         b) Wholesaler                       c) Manufacturer


4.         Retailers supply information to the __________ through wholesalers.

a) manufactures      b) government                      c) consumers.


5.         __________ carry goods on their head in baskets or containers.

a) Hawkers                b) Peddlers                            c) Cheap Jacks


Q.1) B) Match the following pairs:-                                                                               (05)


Group ‘A’

Group ‘B’

1)   Time utility

a)   Local currency

2)   Place utility

b)   Carry goods on hand cart

3)   Hawkers

c)   Foreign currency

4)   Peddlers

d)   Transport

5)   Internal trade

e) Carry goods on head or back in containers or basket


f)   Warehousing


g)  Fixed place of business


Q.1) C) State whether the following statements are True or False:-                    (06)

1)        Industry creates form utility.

2)         Wholesaler is in direct contact with ultimate consumers.

3)         Cheap jacks does not have a permanent place of business.

4)         Different types of auxiliaries to trade help in smooth conduct of business.

5)         Every profession is practiced for earning money.

6)         Profit leads to increase in overall efficiency of the organization.



Q.2)    Distinguish between (Any Two)                                                                        (08)

1.         Industry and Commerce

2.         Business and Commerce

3          Wholesaler and Retailer

4.         Itinerant Retailers and Fixed Shop Retailers


PADMA.jpgQ.3)    Write short note on (Any Two)                                                                          (08)

1.         Features of Business

2.         Types of Industry

3          Features of wholesaler      

4.         Types of itinerant retailers


Q.4)    Write short note on  (Any One)                                                                          (08)

1.         What is Trade? Explain different types of trade.

2.         What is departmental Store? Explain its features.