XII OCM 2nd Prelim Dec.2020 Marks 50 Time: 2 Hrs













Q.1) A) Select the correct option & Rewrite the sentence:-                                   (05)


1)         Business is a ________ activity

a) Socio-economic                                 b) Service            c) Charitable


2)         The transactions under _______ are between consumers and consumers.

            a. B2B                                  b. C2C             c. B2C


3)        Perishable goods are stored in _________       

            a) Bonded warehouses      b) Duty paid warehouses   c) Cold storage warehouses


4)         Organization function is important for execution of the plans which have been prepared by _________ management.

           a) top level                b) middle level          c) lower level


5)         Business organisation should protect health and provide safety measures to _______

a) employees  b) owners     c) investors


Q.1) B) Give one word / term or phrase for the following statements:-              (05)

1.         Name the philosophy related to social responsibility propounded by Mahatma Gandhi.

2.         The principle which deals with to do work with innovative way.

3.         One of the value added BPO service which involves legal work.

4.         The bank of a country is the leader of the money market.                   

5.         Getting good quality products is the basic right of this group of society.


Q.1) C) State whether the following statements are True or False:-                    (06)

1.         Businessmen are trustees of the society.

2.         Business services are important for the growth of business .

3.         With the help of outsourcing, company cannot focus on the core areas.

4.         E-Business allows you to work across the globe in any field.

5.         The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide.

6.         It is the responsibility of commercial organisation to maintain industrial peace.


Q.2)    Distinguish between (Any Two)                                                                        (08)

1.         Bonded warehouse and duty paid warehouse

2.         Planning and Directing

3.         Commercial Bank and central Bank

4.         Life insurance and Marine insurance


Q.3)    Answer in brief (Any Two)                                                                                  (10)

1.           Explain social responsibilities of business towards consumers.

2.           Explain benefits of E-Business.             

3.           Explain importance of staffing.   

4.           Explain primary functions of commercial banks.


Q.4)    Justify the following statements  (Any 2)                                                       (08)

1.         Business should allow workers participation in management.

2.         E-business allows user to work across the globe in any field.

3.         Warehousing is important.   

4.         The principle of equity is important.


Q.5)    Answer the following  (Any One)                                                                       (08)

1.         Define Bank. Explain different types of banks.

2.         Define Planning. Explain its importance.