XI ECO 2nd Prelim Dec.2020  Marks 40 Time: 2 Hrs





Q. 1 A) Fill in the blanks:                                                                                                 (05)

1)         ________ defines Economics as “a science of wealth”.

2)         ______ is an important pre-requisite for agricultural growth.

3)        Introduction of  ________  removed difficulties of barter.  

4)         ________ is an industrially advanced state.

5)        _______science is one whose laws are universally acceptable.


Q1 B): Give Economic term for the following statements:                                     (05)

1)        Investments done by foreign companies in our country.

2)        Provision for making payments in future. 

3)        System that makes use of currency for facilitating payments

4)        Programme for development of small, medium and micro industries

5)        Movement that promotes values of self-help democracy and equality.


Q2:      Identify and explain the concepts from the given illustration: (any 3)   (06)

1)        Rao purchased a new tractor for his farm by taking a loan.

2)        Kumar started a cyber café near the bus stand to provide computer services.

3)        As per the data for financial year 2018-19, the country’s production of goods and services increased by 20%.

4)        Vasantsheth provides coal from his shop to farmers in exchange for food grains.

5)        Pravin from Latur works as a technician in the films division at Mumbai city.


Q3:      Distinguish between (any two)                                                                          (04)

i)          Paper Money and Metallic coins

ii)         Economic Growth and Economic Development

iii)        Productive loans and unproductive loans


Q 4:    Write short notes  (any three)                                                                            (12)

1.         Features of the Economy of Maharashtra

2.         Types of Agricultural Credit in India

3.         Secondary functions of money

4.        Characteristics of Wealth


Q5:      Answer in detail (any one)                                                                                  (08)

i)          Explain the significance of rural development in India.

ii)         Define money. Explain the different types of money